Olivia as Alice from "Alice in Wonderland"


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wonderful Photo of Olivia with Naval Officers.

Olivia is so beautiful. So radiant!


I'm spending time online searching for Olivia pics. Trying to get my mind off of Hurricane Isaac. So far so good. We still have power.

A Baltimore Sun Photo and a Chicago Tribune Photo.


Hurricane Isaac.

Photobucket We're riding out Hurricane Isaac. We're in the country on the outskirts of New Iberia, LA. The sugarcane is gorgeous, right now. I hope the winds are kind to the sugarcane.

Isaac will make landfall either late this evening or early tomorrow morning. I will probably lose electricity for a couple of days. I hope everyone stays safe!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My precious cat died. I miss her so much!

Pictures of my beloved cat. I apologize for not posting in a couple of days. My oldest cat, Little Kat, died on August 23. It came out of nowhere. She threw a blood clot. I’m devastated. All I’ve done since then is cry. I miss her so much. I’m going to buy a concrete memorial cat statue to put near her grave. I have pretty flowers near her grave, right now. She is buried near a beautiful Cedar Tree. 
I have two other cats, Pumpkin and Pepper, and they keep looking for her. It is breaking my heart.  
Thankfully, I have several pictures of Little Kat and I also have several videos of her. It’s a comfort. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wonderful Photo of Olivia. "Proud Rebel"


Nick Drake -Saturday Sun

I just launched my Nick Drake Blog. http://nicholasrodneydrake.blogspot.com/  Nick is a singer/songwriter and a musician. His music means the world to me. He has touched me so deeply. Such soulful music from a soulful human being. I have an autoimmune disease and Nick's music brings me comfort and courage. RIP sweet Nick. You were too good in your way. Too beautiful for this world.

Nick's lyrics-Saturday Sun.

Saturday sun came early one morning
In a sky so clear and blue
Saturday sun came without warning
So no-one knew what to do.
Saturday sun brought people and faces
That didn't seem much in their day
But when I remember those people and places
They were really too good in their way.
In their way
In their way
Saturday sun won't come and see me today.

Think about stories with reason and rhyme
Circling through your brain.
And think about people in their season and time
Returning again and again
And again
And again
And Saturday's sun has turned to Sunday's rain.

So Sunday sat in the Saturday sun
And wept for a day gone by.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


"Charge of the Light Brigade" Photo.


1955 Press Photo Actress Olivia De Havilland Dances With Petros Nomikos


"Santa Fe Trail" on Blu-Ray.

I pre-ordered it , yesterday. I'm beyond angry that Olivia's name is not on the cover. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Don't even get me started on the fact that Olivia doesn't have a Box Set, yet.  Double Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

 Thankfully, I will receive  "The Dark Mirror" (Blu-Ray) in September. That will ease some of my frustration with Hollywood. However, they need to release more of her films on Blu-Ray. She won two Academy Awards and was nominated five times. She should have won for "The Snake Pit", as well. She was absolutely amazing. Olivia deserves the best!!  

I haven't watched "The Dark Mirror", yet. It will be a real treat. The reviews are fantastic. I especially liked this: "Once again, Olivia de Havilland proves that she is one of the most talented and versatile actresses on the silver screen." -Peter Andres  Like James Cagney said: "That girl (Olivia) can play any part ever written!"  Indeed. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gorgeous Photo/Gorgeous Olivia

Karen Elson

I'm posting this here because of the dress Karen (Karen is the singer.) is wearing. It reminds me of dresses Olivia wore in some of her films. Also, Karen's album "The Ghost Who Walks" is really worth checking out. I like her songs and style. This song is a murder ballad. A ghost is on the prowl for the man who killed her.

I love the album cover.

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